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Backup & Archive Storage Needs to Change

Backup & Archive Storage Needs to Change

The StorONE Enterprise Storage Platform can meet the needs of not only deliver the high IOPS that production systems need, but it can also provide affordable, high-bandwidth, and high-capacity that backup and archive applications require. StorONE’s S1:Backup and Object solutions can cost-effectively scale to 15PBs, yet maintain the complete feature set of the Enterprise Storage Platform.

Backup Storage Needs to Change

A key feature of legacy backup storage solutions is their ability to deduplicate data. Today, however, most backup software solutions have deduplication built-in. Instead of responding with theoretically better deduplication capabilities, organizations need a backup hardware solution that can receive data as quickly as the backup application can send it. Most importantly, the modern backup solution needs to provide fast, responsive recovery capabilities.

The overwhelming number of backup storage solutions is a turnkey bundle of hardware and software. Vendors are forcing you to pay a premium for equipment that is readily available elsewhere for less money.

Archive Storage Needs to Change

Modern archive storage solutions today are almost always scale-out systems and commonly use object storage. The challenge is that many applications that might use an archive store don’t natively support S3, the most common object storage protocol.  Also, most object storage vendors require that buy 100TBs of capacity to start, which way to large of an investment for most organizations.  The combination leads to a complicated setup process, even more, complicated workarounds as well as a large capital outlay.

Backup and Archive Silos Need to Change

Most organizations have a different storage solution for backup and another one for the archive. This plurality of systems means you have to learn at least two interfaces when managing, provisioning, and protecting secondary data. That lack of efficiency adds unnecessary expense to the storage infrastructure.

Backup Storage For Today

S1:Backup and Archive is part of the S1 Enterprise Storage Platform, and it inherits all the features and capabilities of that platform. That means that you can solve both your backup and archive storage problems at the same time.

It also means you can start your backup or archive process as small as you need and add drives to the system as your growth requires.  Our vRAID technology is volume-based and easily adapts to changing capacity requirements.  S1:Snap our snapshot technology can keep backup data safe from Ransomware and virtually eliminate the need to backup an archive.

Affordable Now

S1: Backup and Archive are software which means you are free to use the servers and storage of your choice, including repurposing legacy servers for the backup and archive use case. S1: Backup and Archive provides more features, better performance at a significantly lower cost.

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