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StorONE for Databases

StorONE for Databases

Improve Database Performance and Data Integrity with Better ROI

Reduce database storage costs, improve data integrity and accelerate performance. Databases store your organization’s most critical information. Protecting this data while improving performance and lowering costs seems like an impossible challenge. Thanks to StorONE’s S1 Enterprise Storage Platform, the impossible is possible.

Zero Tolerance to Data Loss

Data Integrity is Priority One!

At StorONE, maintaining the integrity of your data is our top priority. That’s why, unlike any other storage system on the market, we have a cache-less architecture that can maintain high performance without risking data. DirectWrite bypasses RAM and only acknowledges the write IOs after they are written to media. Even if someone unplugs both of our storage controllers, data remains intact and readable.

vRAID for Databases

Our high-performance vRAID provides unmatched protection from media failure. Database administrators can set per volume redundancy levels based on the criticality of the database. They can make sure that the database survives multiple simultaneous drive failures without loss of data or performance. We don’t require hot spares and rebuilds are lightning-fast. vRAID returns most flash-based volumes to a fully protected state within a minute.

Unmatched Data Protection

StorONE not only protects against sudden data loss, but it also protects against media failure and human mistakes. Our vRAID technology provides per volume drive redundancy, eliminates hot spares, and has the fastest rebuilds in the industry. Our snapshot technology can instantly snapshot a volume, as frequently as every three minutes. You can retain those snapshots indefinitely for unlimited point-in-time rollback.

High Performance, No Compromises

Our systems deliver hundreds of thousands, even millions of IOPS at less than one millisecond of latency even under load. How? Efficient storage software. We extract high performance from each drive placed in the system; most of our competitors only provide a fraction of the system’s per drive performance potential. Our performance is superior under high read, high write, or mixed IO workloads. Most importantly, our performance is unaffected by our data integrity and data protection features. DirectWrite, vRAID, Snapshots can all be active simultaneously, and the system will still deliver maximum performance.

Built-in Copy Data Management

Databases are some of the most frequently repurposed data sets in the enterprise. According to IDC, over 80% of organizations maintain more than ten copies of each database in their environment. IT needs these copies for backup, reporting, test/dev, and analytics. With StorONE’s ability to execute snapshots as frequently as every three minutes and retain those snapshots indefinitely, we can provide the ultimate copy data management solution at no additional charge. You can instantly offer developers, analysts, and backup administrators with full read-write volumes for them to do their work without consuming additional capacity or impacting performance.

Best ROI in Database Storage

We are a software company first. As a result, the StorONE Database Appliances are built on commodity off the shelf servers and use off the shelf enterprise media. Customers tell us that the three-year total cost of ownership (TCO) of our storage systems is less than the price than their current maintenance contract. In addition, because of our unmatched write IO performance, those customers find they are able to reduce the database server RAM investment by 50% or more.

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