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StorONE S1: Hybridx4

S1: Hybridx4

The Mainstream Workload Storage Solution

Mainstream workloads range from storage that supports virtual environments, database environments, and file sharing. Most vendors make you get a solution for each of the use cases. S1:HybridX4 can do it all while perfectly balancing performance and cost.

Hybrid to the Power of 4

Unlike other dual-tier hybrid systems, the S1:Hybrid is multi-tier. It can tier at least four levels, from high-speed NVMe flash to high-density QLC flash, to hard disk drives and even to cloud storage.

High-Performance Hot Tier

The S1 Enterprise Storage Platform's ability to extract 90% of per drive performance is even more valuable with the S1:HybridX4. On Just four SAS, SSD S1 can deliver almost 500K IOPS, enabling you to focus your hit tier on performance and your other tiers on capacity.

All Use Cases

S1:Hybrid solves all your mainstream storage problems in a single solution! It leverages the S1 Enterprise Storage platform to address the entire range of mainstream workloads, including block (iSCSI, Fibre), NAS (NFS, SMB), and Object (S3).

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