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NAS or Object?

Why choose? Just because unstructured data is the biggest challenge facing many IT planners today, doesn’t mean you have to silo off each use case. The S1 Enterprise Storage Platform provides network-attached storage and object storage to meet all your unstructured data needs.

High Performance NAS

Many organizations are starting workloads that need high-performance access to unstructured data to support initiatives like analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The S1:NAS leverages the performance of the S1 Storage Platform to create a very high performance, a resource-efficient NAS solution. Make your analytics, AI and ML workloads fly with high bandwidth and high IOPS access to data. Benefit from a complete feature set including protection from multiple drive failures with vRAID, unlimited snapshots without impacting performance, and asynchronous replication for disaster recovery.

High Capacity NAS

Another common use for NAS systems is as a high capacity storage area for user data, backups, and other miscellaneous data sets. It stands in direct conflict with the high-performance NAS use case. The S1 Storage Platform, however, can support both use cases delivering high-performance, full-featured, and high capacity from a single environment to the entire data center.

Object Storage

Organizations are also dealing with the onslaught of unstructured data being created by devices within the data center and by the Internet of Things (IoT). Object Storage is an ideal way to store this data, but most organizations can’t afford the full leap to an "entry-level" 100TB system. The high entry point forces them to make a NAS system work. With S1:NAS/Object, you can start with as small a volume as your needs require but grow it to petabytes if necessary. There is no need to create a stand-alone storage silo for object storage. The Enterprise Storage Platform can deliver S3 compatible object storage while also supporting all your other workload requirements.

All NAS Use Cases

S1:NAS/Object supports NFS, SMB, and S3. It delivers the highest possible performance from the fewest possible drives but can scale to support petabytes of unstructured data. In addition to supporting all the NAS and Object use cases S1:NAS/Object is part of the S1 Storage Platform and can also prove full block services to databases and virtual workloads.

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