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Seagate Exos AP 2U12 Bundle
The Seagate Exos AP 2U12 Powered by StorONE Designed for SMB Data Centers

The Seagate Exos AP 2U12 Powered by StorONE Designed for SMB Data Centers

Exos AP Series — Compute & Storage

Powerful and compact, the Seagate Exos AP 2U12 all-in-one, expandable, low-cost storage solution supports growing businesses with high-capacity and high-availability options.


Complete HA Storage System

All Protocols – All Media – Uncompromising Protection – ONE Platform
Advanced Hybrid Technology – 150K IOPS and 105.6TB of Capacity

Affordable High-Performance and High-Capacity

  • 298TB “Better” Hybrid Storage with over 9.6TB SSD included (customer pricing)
  • 2U – highly dense – space/power/cooling savings
  • High Availability built-in – dual-controllers
  • Complete enterprise storage feature set
  • Multi-protocol (iSCSI/NFS,SMB/S3/NVMe-oF)
  • No FC supported (SMC with JBOD/JDOF)
  • Complete 3-years hardware and software support included with availability for 5 years
  • Multiple Use Cases:
    • Databases
    • Virtualization
    • Video Surveillance
    • M&E
    • File
    • Backup & Archive

The 2U12 Covers all your workloads

  • Oracle
  • MS-SQL
  • MySQL
  • VMware
  • Hyper-V
  • KVM
  • NFS
  • SMB
  • S3 Object
  • Video Surveillance
  • Archive
  • Backup

Cloud Ready

  • DR to Cloud
  • Archive to Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Intelligent Hybrid Storage

  • Large high performance (150K IOPS+) flash tier
  • All writes and 99% of reads occur on flash storage
  • Flash-Only volumes for performance critical workloads
  • Transparent migration to HDD tier
  • Data written, sequentially, to high-capacity hard disk

High-Capacity – Zero Compromise!

  • Unlike other systems that can only use 55% of available storage capacity, with Seagate Exos AP 2U12 Powered by StorONE you can use 90%+ of available capacity without performance impact!
  • Concerned about RAID Rebuild times? Don’t be! StorONE provides the fastest rebuilds in the industry and has demonstrated returning a hard disk volume to a protected state in less than two hours on this exact system! Flash based volumes return to a protected state in less than four minutes!

Why Do Rapid Rebuilds Matter?

  • Data is at Risk
    • Chances of a second, or third, drive failure increase in proportion to the time spent returning to a protected state
  • Increases need for high drive redundancy levels
    • Increases costs
    • Impacts write performance
  • Discourages adoption of:
    • high density drives
    • hard disk for primary storage

Orchestrated Data Services - S1:Data Protection Suite

Orchestrated Data Services - S1:Data Protection Suite

Need a starter system?

We have the Seagate Exos AP 2U12-100 which provides 9.6TB of flash capacity and 96TB of HDD capacity.