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StorONE Solutions- Ransomware Recovery & Resource Utilization
Beat Ransomware

StorONE Solutions

StorONE is transforming software-defined storage with a new class of SDS that completely redefines expectations in performance, results, functionality, convenience and cost. StorOne’s founders are entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success and is backed by top-tier industry luminaries and strategic investors. StorONE provides enterprise-class storage software that delivers full functionality, high performance and unmatched data reliability.

The S1 platform provides minimum TCO, maximum data protection, and optimal workload placement for all data center use cases. It is available today to help your enterprise slash storage costs, while reshaping data storage paradigms today and tomorrow.


Ransomware Recovery - Snapshots every 3 minutes

When it comes to snapshots the StorONE engine re-defines the industry norm. S1:Snap snapshots are:

  • unlimited - millions of active snapshots
  • cost effective - automatic tiering of old snapshots
  • application consistent - no data loss
  • with no-performance impact.

StorOne snapshots are automatically tiered to your lower cost media like QLC or HDD. Now you can afford a deep and rich snapshot inventory.

With StorONE’s calendar based browser you can find the snapshot you want from any day or time in just a few clicks.

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Get the most efficient use out of your storage. A better way to do backup storage with the hardware

StorONE’s S1 Enterprise Storage Platform Helps Reducing The:

  • Storage Controller TCO
  • Cost of Performance
  • Cost of Storage Capacity
  • Cost of Use Case Covergae
  • Cost of Backup Infrastructure

Storage infrastructure is a series of interrelated components that creates an ecosystem. Storage software must support these various components and ensure that it uses each to its fullest potential, to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). Also, the storage software cannot sacrifice data integrity or protection in the name of a lower TCO.

A vital aspect of the S1:Enterprise Storage Platform is its ability to have customers start small, with one or two workloads to enable the StorONE Engine to reduce TCO immediately.

The StorONE Engine can extract high-performance from only a handful of off-the-shelf flash drives. No customization is required. StorONE can deliver more performance from 12 flash drives at lower latencies than most storage systems can in 24 or 48.

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StorONE Resource Utilization

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StorOne Products

Why StorOne?

While most vendors take a “systems” approach to storage, StorONE takes a platform approach to storage. What is the difference? Only a platform approach enables you to benefit from the minimal total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximum data protection while still meeting a broad range of capacity and use case needs.

The “systems” approach to storage, used by the competitors, attempts to race quickly to market and solve one specific storage challenge you are facing. It could be making high-end databases perform better, making VMware storage simpler to deploy, or addressing HPC and analytics workloads’ unique demands. Whereas, a platform approach to storage is something that, until StorONE, we’ve not seen in the industry for two decades. When we say platform, think of data-center-changing architectures such as virtualization for servers, software-defined networking (SDN) for networking, and now StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform. All are orders of magnitude more efficient and reliable than the architectures they replace.

The S1:Enterprise Storage Platform provides a single interface into all storage operations, large and small. It replaces dozens of storage systems, archiving solutions, and data protection processes. Our platform has an affordable upfront price, the lowest operational costs, and a migration-free future.

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